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We started our project design work in 1983, when we launched our company “Architect bureau Markus and Leena Aaltonen ARCAD”. We have developed projects for residential, public, industrial and business buildings, various rebuilding and zonation projects and exhibitions. You can find a variety of our pilot projects presented at various exhibitions and published in a range of issues.

In the year 2000, we launched a website, upon which our current web project is based. We have always been using up-to-date software (for example, Dreamweaver). Our readers always speak highly about that and thank us for using modern technologies. Our website was created with a domain, but in the year 2016 the domain was lost due to a database failure.


Since we have always been very proud of our website, we would like to introduce it to our readers once again. Today, in 2017, we have a capability to present you these museum pages.  They can be used in order to study style and technologies of that times.


​Use lower panel to view pages.


Web-design crew: Jani Jokimies (AMK designer), Leena and Markus Aaltonen.


You can find the museum pages here:

Open joint-stock company “Architect bureau Markus and Leena Aaltonen ARCAD” ceased its activities in 2016. We continue developing our architectural designs in a conglomerate company “Joint Stock Company Matroskin”, website ARCAD design.


We expanded our field of work and hired new designer team. In our company we will find dimensional and operational solutions to your enquiries. Moreover, we will help you create a corporate image according to your needs.

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