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Matroskin company sector


The company's working group is created according to the needs of our activity.


Our fields of activity:

Architectural and construction design, construction,

Landscape architecture,

Ecological planning,

Fusion of the object with the environment,

Interior and design of the object,

Dimension design,

Museum and exhibition design,

Fashion and clothing design,

Graphic design,

Coordination of Information Modeling (BIM).

Matroskin Ltd  Y 2788952-4

Sastamalankatu 28, 38210 Sastamala



Contact personnel:


Markus Aaltonen +358(0) 50 304 6336

CEO, Member of Finnish Association of Architects SAFA ARK 572, FISE ARK PS PV U ja K


Linnea Aaltonen +358(0) 40 539 7164

Landscape design, fashion design and graphics, marketing and communications


Leena Aaltonen +358(0) 50 577 0707

TaL, interior design, research, financing and projects

You can also reach us by using this form:

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