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First family visitors in Matroskila!


A Spanish family visited Matroskila. The feedback was very good:

”We've been using apartment rentals for a long time to plan our summer holidays. We've been on a few apartments in different countries, so in our trips we usually talk about what is the best or the most confortable apartment that we've been ever. We want to say to you one thing: Congratulations for your apartment! It's the best! It's nice, confortable, bright and very good equipped. We've passed a nice days here! Thank you very much for your recommendations and for the information that you write to us in your mails. We've done all of your proposal. Thanks for all you've done, again. Best regards!” - Isabel

There were many guests in Matroskila this summer. For example here a feedback from an English couple:

”The apartment was lovely, clean and well equipped. The location was in a residential area an easy walk to the centre and cultural sites. Tampere and Turku within travelling distance by public transport. Had breakfast on the balcony and enjoyed the sauna in the evening! Great place.” - Joanne

We appreciate all the feedback we have got from our guests. Remember that you can rent Matroskila by clicking the button below.

Matroskin’s Household is open to accommodate guests!


On May 29th, 2017, owners and tenants of the apartments in our house were invited to the touristic Matroskin’s Household for a visit.

The name of the Household originated from the company name Matroskin. You can find more information about it on our website.

The neighbors highly appreciated this bright, elegant and well-designed apartment, its authenticity, convenient central location and a picturesque view on the lake Liekovesi. One of our friends told us that he previously used many different AirBnB apartments during his travels, but he has never seen anything better than Matroskin’s Household.

Now, Matroskin’s Household is ready to welcome and accommodate tourists from all over the world in the capital of Finnish literature Sastamala.


The owners of Matroskin Ltd also use AirBnB quite often. It is much more interesting to live the everyday life, learning about the way of living in different countries, than staying in a hotel. It’s always nice to be around your fellow tourists.


Below, you can find a link to Matroskin’s Household on AirBnB with photos and more information about the apartment.



Citizens of Sastamala have been dreaming of building a swimming pool for decades. The problem cannot be resolved easily, since investors have a lot of disagreements even at discussion phase.


Since, in our opinion, the construction problem of the swimming pool or a water park remains unresolved, we raised our proposal from 10 years ago to establish the "Virtaranta Mental Health and Recreation center”. The proposal was discussed at a city council meeting on 26.3.2007.


Aluevesti newspaper wrote an article about this idea on 5.04.2017:


In 2011 Pukstaavi, the Museum of Finnish Book was established, which makes the book museum issue settled for now. Sastamala has a lot of literature and culture of reading, and we are proud of it!


From Pilvi location, where the center is supposed to be built, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Rautavesi and the church of St. Olaf.


Matroskin proposes to create a working group of city representatives, and currently we are looking for partners to implement the project. We already have a few examples of similar implementations. The seemingly costly project can be implemented through a refundable tax financing.

The name Matroskin


The name of our company “Matroskin” is based on “Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat” children's book. We learned about life of Uncle Fedya’s “dad”, Eduard Uspenskiy, by reading a wonderful book by Hannu Mäkelä "Eetu, a journey to the world of Eduard Uspensky" (Helsinki: Tammi, 2008).


In order to avoid copyright infringement, we contacted Eduard Uspensky about using Matroskin's name, with help of his friend, author Hannu Mäkelä.

Hannu Mäkelä told us what Uspensky replied: "Hannu, of course, I agree to give the rights to use the name of this cat to this woman. Eetu."

We would like to say that we are very grateful to Eduard Uspensky and Hannu Mäkelä!

Joint-stock company Matroskin – a new company in Sastamala


Specializing in design, commercial projects and adventure tourism, company Matroskin starts its work. Our activity is based on extensive knowledge and experience in the field of design. From 1983 to 2016, design projects of Marcus and Leena Aaltonen’s Architectural Bureau ARCAD won international recognition. The name of the company, philosophy of our business and ethical principles come from the contents of the classic children's book "Uncle Fedya, His Dog and His Cat," by Eduard Uspensky.

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